Sewer Shark® Nozzle Extensions or Skids

The Sewer Shark nozzle extensions or skids is one of the best nozzle skids available. The pipe size is clearly shown in the skid fin so the operator will always know they are using the right sized skid.

Actual skid sizes are smaller than the marked size, to allow room for small offsets and debris.

The Sewer Shark® Transformer

The Sewer Shark Transformer is the first nozzle extension/skid designed to work with rotating nozzles with built-in skids. Most rotating nozzles on the market today, have built-in skids to center the nozzle in the pipe. However, this is usually only the smallest size pipe and changing skids out is often difficult. We developed a solution. The Transformer skid shrouds over the rotating nozzle and the base sized skid enabling the cleaning of larger lines without reducing efficiency.

The Transformer works with most rotating nozzles with a built-in 6" skid.

Sewer Shark jet bucket 24" to 60"

The Sewer Shark is the worlds first and only jet/vac powered sewer bucket! The Sewer Shark is a jet propelled sewer bucket. The Sewer Shark is designed to clean difficult flooded trunk sewers and siphons using a standard Vac-Con, Vactor, Camel, or similar sewer cleaning truck.

U.S. Patent No. 9744572

International Patents Pending


Sewer Extension / Skid Sizing

We obviously think a lot about nozzle extension/skid sizing. The question is what is the optimal skid size for a...
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The Sewer Shark jet bucket is covered by U.S. Patent No. 9744572 and is internationally patent pending


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