The Sewer Shark is a jet propelled bucket machine. The Sewer Shark connects to a standard 1” sewer cleaning hose. The Sewer Shark is lowered into the trunk line and when water pressure is applied, the pressure forces the front of the bucket to open and propels the bucket into the line. When water pressure is turned off, the bucket closes and the bucket is dragged back to the vacuum truck. As the bucket is lifted out of the sewer, excess water drains from the bucket. Once the bucket reaches street level, the grit and debris can easily be vacuumed from the bucket.


Currently only 18” (to clean 24" and greater) Sewer Shark is available, but 12” and 8” sizes will be available soon. The 18” version is a perfect size for more cleaning jobs. It fits through most standard size maintenance holes and does not overload the truck hose or reel when fully loaded.

The 12” and 8” versions are perfect for cleaning siphons and other smaller tough to clean pipelines.


The Sewer Shark is a Patent Pending and revolutionary new way to clean trunk sewers. The Sewer Shark buckets grit and debris from flooded sewers that are beyond the reach of a vacuum system. You simply can't vacuum grit under 2' of water! Even with a snorkel or other vacuum assist, you're still vacuuming mostly water.

With the Sewer Shark, a standard jet vac crew can now easily clean large diameter sewer lines that previously required lots of large equipment and crews.

Without the Sewer Shark jet bucket, cleaning large diameter sewer trunk lines was a difficult and laborious task. Why? Most large diameter trunk lines are fairly deep and flow at least 50% full. These two factors make vacuum removal of grit and debris difficult at best and usually impossible. The physical limits of vacuum simply prevent it.

So, what are the other methods used? Well, in the old days, bucket machines and cleaning balls were used sometimes used. But, setup for these methods is time consuming, the work difficult and back-breaking, and the production was slow. Because of the difficulty of the setup, the hazards involved, and the time required; most agencies have abandoned this method.

To address these problems, several processes have been developed which use high volume jetters and submersible pumps to move and remove the grit. However, the high volume of water and grit pumped from the sewer requires large on-site tank separators. This is essentially the Polson Process used by Polson, Pipe and Plant Solutions, Inc, and others. The benefit of these systems is the ability to remove large volumes of grit relatively easily. The problem with these systems is the high cost of mobilization and setup. Which makes it cost prohibitive for smaller cleaning jobs.

The Sewer Shark combines the simple setup of a standard jetter, with the effectiveness of a bucket machine. Now one jet/vac crew can easily clean a deep, large, and flooded sewer from a single maintenance hole. This makes cleaning lines in congested areas, areas with limited access (such as siphons), and lines with smaller amounts of grit easy.


If you are interested in a demo please contact your local dealer and ask them to become a Sewer Shark dealer. E2 Industries, LLC is a manufacturer and our products are only available through dealers.

Do you sell internationally?

No, at this time we can not sell internationally. However, we are working on developing an export partnership.