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The Sewer Shark is the worlds first and only jet/vac powered sewer bucket! The Sewer Shark is a jet propelled sewer bucket. The Sewer Shark is designed to clean difficult flooded trunk sewers and siphons using a standard Vac-Con, Vactor, Camel, or similar sewer cleaning truck.

The Sewer Shark can also be used in large diameter PVC or PVC lined RCP, because the Sewer Shark bucket doesn't use cables which can damage PVC pipe and liners.

The Sewer Shark jet bucket also makes cleaning inverted siphons easy. If you have a low velocity inverted siphon that needs regular cleaning the Sewer Shark jet bucket will greatly reduce the time needed to clean these lines.

The Sewer Shark can also be used to clean ditches and other applications where large amounts of debris needs to be removed from a pipeline.

The Sewer Shark jet bucket is connected to a standard jet/vac truck's jetter hose, then lowered into the trunk sewer line. When water pressure is increased, the jet bucket senses the pressure increase and opens the bucket. At the same time, the increased water pressure propels the bucket into the line. After the bucket has traveled the desired distance, forward motion is stopped and the water pressure reduced. When water pressure is reduced, the bucket closes and the debris is trapped inside. The bucket is then pulled back to the jet/vac truck. As the bucket is lifted out of the sewer, excess water drains from the bucket. Once the bucket reaches street level, the grit and debris can easily be vacuumed from the bucket.

The 18" bucket is designed to clean 24" through 60" pipelines. This size bucket will easily fit through a standard sized sewer maintenance hole and still holds up to 5 gals of debris and grit.

The Sewer Shark jet bucket is much easier to use than bucket machines and is perfect for removing settled grit and debris in flooded sewers.

U.S. Patent No. 9744572

International Patents Pending

A demo on a 48" trunk