6" rotating skid for the Warthog classic nozzle.
6" rotating skid for the Warthog classic nozzle.

Sewer Shark® Nozzle Skids

Our nozzle skids feature the pipe size cut into each fin. This makes it easy for operators to select the right sized skid each time.

It's important to always use the proper sized skid for most pipeline cleaning operations

The Only Skid Designed for Rotating Nozzles!

Rotating nozzles are great, but they have large center bodies and are heavy. We developed our rotating nozzle skid to deal with this problem. The rotating nozzle skid offsets the nozzle into the skid for better balance and shorter lengths. These skids are also made from AR 400 wear steel to last longer.

Sewer Shark Skids are Made In America!

We're proud to made these in America. While we can't guaranty all of the raw materials are from the US, the CNC cutting and assembly is done in the US.

Actual skid sizes are smaller than the size displayed on the skid. This is to allow for different pipe IDs, offsets, and obstructions.

New Skid

6" Skid with 4 fins

Transformer Extension/Skid 8"

8" Rotating Nozzle Skid

This skid is designed to screw in the back of the rotating nozzle and over the standard fins attached to your rotating nozzle

Transformer Extension/Skid 10"

10" Rotating Nozzle Skid

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